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History Made In Croatia As First Ever Junior International Played

In the first of two articles we report on the first ever junior international as Croatia played Bulgaria

Historic event in minifootball history was held on Saturday when Croatia and Bosnia youth national teams ( comprising children born in 2006.and 2007.) played the youngest official national team match ever.

Zagreb hosted an historic minifootball event in the World on Saturday when Croatia national teams from children born in 2006 and 2007 played an official friendly match against the Bosnian national teams of the same age. The event was held in Sport Centre Šestine in Zagreb where next Saturday the Zagreb championship for youngsters will begin. Over 300 spectators gathered around the pitch and made this event even better. Several journalists came along with Sport TV which covered entire event and scenes from it will be broadcast on TV during this week.  It was a special event for youngsters who will remember it forever,especially when they listened to the national anthem before the matches.It was equally special for their parents, and all of them were so proud when their boys came on the pitch in the official jersey and many tears were seen. The Bosnian teams came on Friday and enjoyed sightseeing around the city and spending time in the hotel with their new friends.

















Both teams arrived at the stadium on the tram, which was a special attraction for the other travellers and all youngsters who rode in the tram for the first time.

The results were:

Croatia 2007. – Bosnia 2007. 6-2

Croatia 2006.- Bosnia 2006. 1-2

There will be much on the games tomorrow.

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