Corporate Social Responsibility

Inside Vision

The WMF and the World Minifootball Championship are clearly a cultural, athletic and social entity/event. They embrace thousands of young (mostly) people who wish to do sport, develop their skills and spirit. The dominant ideas are fair play & pure sportsmanship. The WMF in total is a totally innovative Federation for European standards, ideal for all these people who are very much into collective sport activities.


Let us keep in mind the fact that the members of the WMF are very specialized in the field of events marketing and management in each country and through the WMF they all join their skills, their knowledge, their potential and of course their common vision in order to develop the social side of minifootball. And indeed, nobody should ever forget that our goal is that people stop a sit on a couch in front of a TV where admire the other players or other stars. They stop to being passive and become energetic. People play, participate and become the protagonist and the star of your team.

Outside Vision

WMF’s responsibility towards society plays a key role in the WMF activities. This initiative has only positive results as it helps solve existing social issues in the world, attracts even more publicity to the brand of WMF (which is really important for the csr activity) and builds a positive social profile for the WMF and for the minifootball as one of the most popular sport in the world.