President’s Message

Dear ladies, dear gentlemen,

the introduction, let me welcome you to the website of the World Minifootball Federation, the second most played sport in the world to play not only people but also animals (see eg minifootball tournaments of elephants in Nepal or Thailand).FILIP JUDA

Minifootball is undoubtedly a progressively growing sport that brings people together and gives them a sense of belonging. It’s an amateur sport for everyone, regardless of age, sex, vitality and social status. Minifootball is also suitable product of social inclusion of ethnic minorities or socially disadvantaged individuals, among other things, eliminates the idea of cultural differences and don’t distinguish the color of skin, but the color of the jerseys. In many countries, mostly in Africa, minifootball is also a tool for crime prevention.

It should also be noted that minifootball connects cultures of individual communities, to such an extent that their differences are totally forgotten and are united to one interest and it is in this case the minifootball. I would like that minifootball events converged people and were an activity that builds bridges tolerance. I am aware that minifootball, as such, does not solve all problems, but the society throught these ways will be at least aware that there are ways to understand and tolerate differences.

We are all with the same color of blood. However, if the person does not belong to the majority population, for this person is generally difficult to integrate into a society that is often driven by incorrect preconceptions and biases. Therefore, I would like that minifootball will burned these bridges of intolerances.

One of the main objectives of this sport is to show people an easy way to sport. Not admire sports stars only from the couch at home, but to assemble a team, become participant of the game and become the protagonist of their team. They cease to be passive and become active athletes.

As President of the World Minifootball Federation I would like to support five basic points that I feel like the basic pillars of stability and development of minifootball:

  • development of information technologies at all levels, thus from regional organizations untill the World Minifootball Federation. This development is tied very closely to the financial support of continental, national and regional associations,
  • greater publicity and marketing that will bring development of the minifootball membership. I am fully aware that if is exist a quality product, which undoubtedly minifootball is, it is the foundation of success. To do this, it must be well set marketing that people have a knowledge about the product. It should be noted that in this case I would like that minifootball players become protagonists of his team. This I would like realize through the local media and periodicals.
  • support for economically poor countries, in conjunction with state resorts of selected countries, where minifootball plays the role of instruments of crime prevention and social inclusion.
  • minifootball infrastructure support to offer our players the fields right close their home
  • ensure professional service to our sponsors and partners according their wishes with goal of their satisfaction. I fully aware that People who invest in minifootball become his partners and a minifootball success is their success, the relationship is symbiotic. I feel responsibility to the persons who trusts me and I hope that to these investors minifootball will repay their dividends.

For me minifootball is heart matters since 1998 where I started organize first official minifootball competition. I have always been convinced that home is where my “heart” is beating. “Heart” of minifootball is beating on all inhabited continent. Therefore whether I am in Europe or on another continent, thanks to this sport I feel everywhere as at home.

Minifootball. Made by heart, finished by mind.

Filip Juda

President of WMF