“People who invest in minifootball become his partners and a minifootball success is their success, the relationship is symbiotic. The WMF feels responsibility to the persons who believe in it and it hopes to repay their investments.”

The marketing plan of the WMF includes big sponsorships from main sponsors, each one coming from a different industry category. In addition to this will be individual an official sponsors / partners too coming from various distinct sectors. The minifootball serveProfessional Partners Shaking Hands as a great marketing product for our partners and sponsors to reach their target groups.

The WMF offers limitless advertising options and an opportunity to create customized ways to advertise.

Sponsors: The WMF creates a special connection between the WMF and a number of companies which belong to different industries. Therefore, the WMF makes strategic agreements with several companies which are not directly competing, will obtain different benefits and at the same time will not overshadow one another.

Official Partners: This type of bartering partnerships makes the individual affiliates official partners of the WMF or the Championship. It’s all about offering free services or products for the WMF and its members.

“More than 35 milions people in the world are minifootball players. Each of them has a chance to see your advertising message. Let them know about yourself through an Internet portal”

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